How We Do?

We Listen & Research
Before we start, we act with data by researching the market of the brand we will work with.
We Develop Ideas
We offer the most suitable web design options that will reflect you while protecting your brand.
We Implement & Manage
We manage your corporate communication by publishing the software we developed for your brand.

What are we doing?

We offer you quality E-Commerce solutions to bring your products to wider markets.
Web Design
We professionally prepare the front of your corporate, personal and private websites.
Software Dev
We produce special software solutions for all your software demands with high technologies.
Mobile App
We develop mobile applications for your projects that need to be published on mobile platforms.

Why US?

Always Fast
Strong Server Infrastructure
Full Security
Uninterrupted Security Team
7/24 Support
7/24 Software Support & Call Center
Expert Team
Strong Operations Center

About US

Who is Ticofab?

As Ticofab, we offer solutions with up-to-date technologies in line with the needs of companies by following the rapidly developing technology.

As the digital world becomes more and more prevalent in our lives, it has become very important for brands and companies to find a place for themselves.

At this point, business ethics is always at the forefront for us, who see the solutions we produce as more than just a job.

You are the party that determines the competition with Ticofab at the point of complying with the requirements of the era.

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Frequently Questions

Our company researches the necessary details of the sector and creates the visual of the web page as a graphic design within the scope of these details. For example, if the website to be built is related to the medical sector, it should find suitable photos for graphic design and reflect the design of your dreams on the screen. The imagination, talent and experience of the person who does it reflects the quality of the work.
The web software specialist, on the other hand, creates the background codes that will enable the created design to be animated and functional, and ensure that the created design gains functionality.

Corporate websites determine the reputation of companies on the internet. Companies should have their website built by a company with a professional team to promote their products or services.
The corporate website should be simple to understand and should not tire the user.
Your homepage is the gateway to your site, it shouldn’t be too cluttered. You should briefly describe your company and include announcements or campaigns on the home page.
Menus should be designed in such a way that visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

It is the process of purchasing real or virtual products on certain systems in exchange for money on the Internet.
In short, we can say that e-commerce is the electronic version of commerce.

As it is known, the internet environment is an endless ocean. It is very difficult to predict what can and cannot be sold in the internet environment where people of all genders, races and temperaments exist. The main thing in this regard is your marketing skills. Thanks to your marketing technique, it is possible to sell almost anything online.

1. What is a Domain?
Domain Name (domain) is a unique address that belongs to you and is basically hosted on a DNS (Domain Name Server) on the internet. There is only 1 of this name, such as fingerprint or citizenship number. For example, the domain name belongs to me and cannot be used by anyone else.
2. What is Hosting (Web Space)?
After explaining the domain name above, it becomes a little easier to explain the concept of Hosting. It is the storage space that you will use to publish a website connected to the domain name you rent, and which in essence expresses the concepts of disk, traffic, connection speed. In other words, on a server connected to the Internet, your website and files are published publicly. In short, hosting, that is, web space, allows you to host the created site on the internet and to use your corporate e-mail addresses.